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Meet Phil Lempert

Want to know more about Phil? Here's a quick look at some recent TV interviews and discover why he is the perfect person to speak at your next event!

Seeds & Chips 2018, Milan Italy

Seeds & Chips is the global food conference focused on agriculture (seeds) and technology (chips). Phil's main stage presentation set the stage for the future of retail.

Seeds & Chips 2018, Milan Italy Retailer Panel

Phil moderates a panel of global leaders including Carrefour, Metro, Google, INS Ecosystem, Specialty Foods Association and is visited by a special guest "Yape" a delivery robot who is serving the citizens of Milan with groceries

Global use of antibiotics on farm animals on the rise?

Here's why Phil is one of the most sought after speakers in the food, retail and consumer world! He knows how to take complex issues and explain them perfectly so they are understood and people can act upon the information.

What's The Supermarket Opportunity?

Phil Lempert and Addie Broyles food writer at the Austin Statesman at SxSW during their session "Grocery Wars: The Future of Buying Food."

How American Supermarkets Need To Change

Phil Lempert at America Answers taking a look at the forces that shape our food choices. An excerpt from a panel discussion "WHY DO WE EAT THE WAY WE DO?" with Marion Nestle and Ricardo Salvador.

Why Buy Products From Food Trucks?

At the recent Potato Expo, Phil shared the findings of the Consumer Panel on the consumption and preference habits of Millennials who but potato products of all kinds from the burgeoning food truck outlets across the U.S.

Consumers are changing, is YOUR business?

Phil kicks off the Roundy's Annual Holiday Merchandising Meeting which is attended by almost 2,000 store directors, associates and top executives to share his insights on "the battle over the American Meal" and his Annual Trend Forecast.

Knowing the Consumer is your key to Success

Phil presents how consumer trends are the path to success at the MEI Trade Promotion Management Annual Meeting at the Wyndham hotel in Cleveland.

The interwoven relationship between food and Wall Street

Phil’s keynote address to the Agriculture and Food Manufacturing sectors interested in investing in Canada sponsored by the Financial Times and Focus On Canada.

What is the Consumer Thinking?

Phil Lempert discussing Consumer and Food Trends at the Joyce Lindower Wolitzer '76 and Steven Wolitzer Nutrition Seminar at Cornell University

Phil Lempert Interviews White House Chef Sam Kass

at the School Nutrition Association's Annual Convention