Phil's Insights & Topics

In preparation for his speech, Phil Lempert polls his online consumer panel about their attitudes on issues relevant to your products/services - it is your opportunity to understand how your current and future consumers are thinking about the most critical issues facing your organization and your industry in real time. Phil's presentations are multimedia using impactful graphics and video clips.

Trend Forecast

Each year, for the past 30 years, Phil has issued his trend forecast which has been covered in thousands of publications and is thought of as THE most insightful forecast by the New York Times who said "His forecasts are more about context — the whys behind a trend — than simply declaring that everyone will soon be eating charred vegetables and broccoli tots".

Phil's in-depth insights into the current trends focus on:

  • Mindfulness
  • Tactile
  • Farming
  • Neuronutrition
  • Biohacking
  • Technofoodology
  • Advertising
  • Personal Security
  • Food & Politics
  • The Future of Supermarkets
  • The role of Amazon in retail and D2C food

This is a must-have session for your event that empowers your attendees and gives them actionable tools to make the future trends a reality for their businesses. Each presentation is customized to your needs and all modules can be included, or choose a few and have Phil go more in-depth on just a few

Trend Watch: The Future of Your Business

  • Technology at the Crossroads: Are you prepared to compete with savvy, informed customers?
  • America's Financial Report Card: What opportunities exist for your company to provide solutions to America's new financial model?
  • Micro-Advertising: How are you cutting through the clutter to compete in a digital, 24/7 downloadable and on-demand frontier?
  • Social and Economical Responsibilities: Is your company green or about to wilt?
  • The Aging of America: The first Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2010 - what does "boomer retirement" mean for your products, your customers and your labor force?

Changing Choices: A Look at the Retail and Consumer Marketplace

There is a new face in retailing and consumer products—and shoppers are loving it!

  • Non conventional food retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Trader Joe's, Dollar General, Walgreen’s and Walmart are stealing your customers
  • Thousands of new choices in consumer products focused on health and wellness have changed the landscape forever. In the rapidly shifting space, what is successful and why?
  • What retail formats are growing and which are declining? What are the next category busters to come and what is the next trend ahead in the consumer product space?
  • Are supermarkets and mass retailers on the path to becoming tomorrow's dinosaurs?